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Crinkle Bag™ // Black // 7.25g

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AllWeDo Crinkle Bag™ 7.25g

Crinkle Bags are a new breed of perfectly sized, padded, ultralight ride bag, ride wallet, cycling pouch, or whatever you want to call it, made of Dyneema® Fibers, the Strongest Manmade Fibers in the World! The fabric is lightweight, extremely durable, hydrophobic (waterproof), and resistant to UV light and chemicals.

Why weigh yourself down? Do you really need all those credit card slots, fancy liner material, and a zippered interior pocket? No, no you don't. It's just extra weight keeping you from going faster and getting that KOM!

Did you say "padded ride bag" and "only 7.25 grams?" YES, yes we did. That means you'll save nearly 50 grams compared to your average ride bag and even more when you ditch that saddle bag!

The AllWeDo Crinkle Bag™ is exactly what you need to carry your gear without the unnecessary extra weight, it's AllWeDo

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Weight: 7.25g The lightest ride bag on the planet!

Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.625"

Material: Dyneema® Composite Fabric and YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers

Padding: Recycled Polyethylene Foam

Suggested Packing List: Co2 + nozzle, lightweight tube, tool with a chain breaker, flat tire levers, tire boot, patches, some spare bits, and cold hard cash.

*Available in Black and White*

Dyneema® Composite Fabric, is a patented, high-end laminate fabric constructed from non-woven composites utilizing space-age DSM Dyneema fibers. Dyneema® offers an unmatched strength to weight ratio, is 15x stronger than steel!

YKK® AquaGuard® Zippers are a water repellent zipper type made of a waterproof polyurethane laminated tape on a VISLON® zipper.

Why name it "Crinkle Bag?"

Dyneema has a very special texture and it makes a 'crinkle crinkle' sound that's hard to beat!

*AllWeDo Ride Bags do not include any tubes, CO2, tools, etc. These items are pictured for illustration purposes only.

*Bags are water resistant made of waterproof fabric. Do not submerge.

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Free USA shipping on orders over $100!!

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